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HID ProxKey-II Wiegand Access Control Key Fob


Convenient RF-programmable key fob fits on a key ring

  • Supports up to 26 bits
  • 125 kHz transmit frequency
  • Offers over 137 billion unique codes
  • Gray with standard HID logo
  • Easily fits on key ring for convenient access
  • Provides universal compatibility with HID proximity readers
  • External numbering provides easy identification and control

Compact, convenient and secure, this durable HID ProxKey-II Wiegand Access Control Key Fob provides access control with the ability to fit easily onto a key ring. They key fob operates on a low 125 kHz transmit frequency, is universally compatible with a variety of HID proximity readers and offers over 137 billion unique codes for added security.

Minimum order quantity for this product is 25 pieces.

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